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Freight Audit and Payment Services and Software

National Traffic Service has been a leader in the freight audit and payment industry since 1956. We've made the commitment to the latest EDI technology, carrier rating programs and information processing systems to perform the fastest, most accurate and most complete freight audit in the industry today.

As a client of National Traffic Service, you'll realize these significant benefits:

  • Maximum freight bill audit savings
  • Reduced internal administrative expenses
  • Extensive Internet reporting tools
  • A wide variety of reporting formats
  • UPS and FedEx parcel audits

You'll do less work, save money and have a complete database of your logistics information for reporting, trend analysis and carrier negotiations. Explore our website and find out how we can help you save money while providing you with the important information you need to run your business more effectively.

Latest News

June 30, 2014
Recently both of the big two parcel giants, Fed Ex and UPS announced that they will make changes in their assessment of dimensional weights on packages moving in ground service. Currently, only ground packages greater than 3 cubic feet are subject to dimensional weight (DIM weight) guidelines. Starting with the implementation of the 2015 base rates, both carriers will now implement DIM weight pricing on ALL packages moving in ground service, based on a DIM factor of 166 for domestic shipments.
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